Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

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Schylling Pac-Man Lamp Description

Color:Pac Man Lamp Pac-Man Lamp comes with a remote-controlled dimmer switch to bathe your room in the warm glow of an 80s arcade complete with iconic video game sound effects. As any child of the 80s will tell you, the best tables have Pac-Man built-in. But if you can’t find one, just pop a Pac-Man Lamp on the one you’ve got. Adding a nostalgic glow to any game geeks home, this retro arcade light has a range of fun remote-controlled functions. Treat the kids to a Pacman night light using the remotes handy dimmer button. Or shake them out of bed to the raucous din of classic arcade sound effects. Waka-waka-wakey-wakey!.

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