Gaspar Costume (Childrens Costume)

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Gaspar Costume (Childrens Costume) Description

Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume) – The Friendly Ghost is perfect for the who is Gobblin Halloween candy. +++This deluxe child Wise Man costume includes multi-colored robe with solid colored inlet, and matching crown. The beltcord shown in the image and listed on the packaging is not included by the Manufacture. Sandals and gold bowl of jewels also not included. Exact pattern and color of fabrics used may vary.. This Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume) was manufactured in United States by Rubies Costumes and sold through CostumeZone. To properly care for your Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume) you should Dry clean only. This Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume)is made of 100% Polyester for an Child in s sizes and is one of the numerous Halloween Costumes found in the Christmas Zone. You can find the Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume) by looking in the following sub zones as well: CostumeZone >> Christmas Zone >> Christmas Zone Children’s Costumes >> Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume). OR You can look in either of the following costume categories: Boy’s and Girl’s Unisex Costumes >> Gaspar Costume (Children’s Costume). Some of the key phrases that you can use to search for similar costumes are:

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